The steps when the foreigners dies in Thailand

Death is one of the worst-case possibilities that individuals cannot prevent or forecast. Everyone, including Thais and foreigners, must be cautious of their lives at all times, regardless of whether they are in those scenarios. However, when you encounter a friend or foreign family who died in Thailand, I would mention the following steps for moving bodies back abroad:

●       Transporting corpses or ashes for export outside of Thailand under customs regulations

In the event that a foreigner dies in Thailand, you can take the following steps to transport their body abroad. The exporter must prepare important documents to show to the customs officer without having to prepare an export declaration:

  1. The exporter must bring the original and 2 copies each for giving the customs as follows:
  • Original and copy of death certificate issued by the hospital treating the dead. In the event of death elsewhere, the situation must be reported to the deceased’s local police station for a death check before issuing a death certificate.
  • Original and copy of death certificate issued by the deceased’s local police station or a death certificate approved by Thai legal authorities such as district offices or districts in the deceased’s region.
  • Original and copy of Passport
  • Original and copy of ashes/funeral certificate Returning from the embassy of destination
  • Original and copy of Air Way Bill
  • Invoice for aircraft transportation
  1. The exporter must provide the documents specified on number 1 to the customs officer at the release port in order for the aircraft items to be written off in the air cargo invoice and checked for further release.
  2. The corpses or ashes must be listed by the exporter. Using information from the customs control registration book.

●       The step of funeral request process under Institute of Forensic Medicine

  1. Fill out the funeral request form and attach any applicable papers. Complete the application form and hand it in to the officer in charge of the Public Relations Room. The petitioner must be a father, mother, spouse, wife, kid, or someone appointed by the local investigator at the accident scene.
  2. In the funeral request, specify the goal of injecting the body to treat the corpse’s ailment.
  3. After the doctor has completed his examination of the corpse Obtain a death certificate and present it to the investigating officer, the owner of the local case, at the accident scene. should provide supporting documentation to the district or county office where the accident happened in order to get a death certificate.
  4. Prepare the deceased’s attire, coffins, and cars for carrying the remains to religious rituals.
  5. Payment of maintenance. The cost of injecting the corpse with the public relations room staff received a receipt

These are the three steps of transporting the bodies abroad and five steps under the Institute of Forensic Medicine that you must follow. However, if you want to live in Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase Rabbit Care Expat health insurance in Thailand as well. Since if you are sick, bodily injury, disability, or death in worse case caused by the accident, the death benefits, or medical expenses would be paid by the insurer under the policy. If you are interested, you can visit