Some In Kind Donation Fundraising Ideas for Summers

An old-fashioned car wash is a classic summer fundraising idea. All you need to do is to select a venue where you can have access to plenty of water and then host an event. Advertise it on your social media handle to let the locals know what your event is all about and hence encourage them to participate. Request donations, tell them about the cause you hosted the event for and offer different level of services such as selling cupcakes, coffee and others. You can help more by offering services like wax or towel dry.

There are tons of ways to enjoy the summers, the in-kind donation sun, and the sand. Organize an outdoor game such as beach volleyball, setup a tournament and ask people to participate for a cause. Offer the participants some fun props and prizes, which may motivate them to give

A cool pool party can be a good fundraising idea for summers. Select a good pool area or a hotel, and then organize a pool party. Charging for entries would be an ideal way to raise funds. Invite people and ask them to get in after paying their entry fee to serve a cause.

Eating contest could be a great idea for summer fundraising.  A hot dog eating contest, would be a great help to raise funds. Get creative and fancy with food choices; ask all the entrees to raise a particular minimum amount of funds.

Get in touch with local and famous musicians and bands. Select a venue and work with them, build a line up and sell tickets. Offer the audience swag bags and signed T-shirts.

Organize a day camp, charge for admissions and put up a day of fun activities such as swimming, hikes, crafts, and a campfire. Get a sponsor for your day camp and donate the collected funds.

Organize an outdoor public activity such as a fitness or yoga class. Get a public park or stadium, recruit a volunteer who could lead the exercises and ask for donations from attendees. Consider tapping the whole scenario into a network of local fitness blog as more and more people would come to know about it and would like to donate their time and money to your organization.

Art shows and exhibitions are a great tool to collect funds. You can ask for donations from local artists and host an art walk or auction. The funds collected can be used to for helping a cause. Sell tickets of the art exhibition and use the revenue to help needy ones. Partner your organization with a local food vendor, to accommodate a large crowd.