Rovos Rail Hunting Safari Cost – Is Good Advice Saving You Regret?

I personally believe that we are born into this life with the sole purpose to be a friend, companion and teacher to our fellow beings on earth. It is therefore that I realized early on in my hunting career that life presents one with a teachable moment every day in every walk of life. There is no greater school Rovos Rail Hunting Safari Cost to learn that at the University of Life, and to shy away from sharing knowledge and parting with valuable information is foolish. This being said, it also relates to sharing information on the hunting with fellow hunters and keen outdoorsmen throughout the hunting world.

Please understand that when sharing information with others, it is intended to share experiences, lesson learnt in order to save the prospect hunter finding out the hard way and end up Rovos Rail Hunting Safari Cost having regrets for not listening to good advice from the best, and professionals hunting for a career, sharing the life experiences with the hunter wanting to do a African hunting safari.

I have always maintained to be honest and build integrity with any client, in order to have returning clients go on a hunting safari in Southern Africa. Telling the truth is like ringing a bell, once the bell was rung, you cannot un-rung it putting the echo of the bell back into the bell. A client if a novice or newcomer will not be able to differentiate between the good advice of a sincere and honest professional hunter and that of an unscrupulous rogue hunter giving himself out as a “professional”. So my advice to you as a hunter wishing to do a African hunting Rovos Rail Hunting Safari Cost safari is to locate a reputable Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter that you could associate with using your core values as a measure. Also try and find out from hunters already hunted with that specific hunting safari outfit. Shop around for that special Hunting Outfitter that will give you a comfortable warm feeling of “I can place all my valuables under his control”.

This brings me to the advice, or hunting tips if you will, I am sharing with every interested hunter wanting to come onto safari doing Big game hunting or just plain game hunting in South Africa. Let me also say before I continue, that you get the wise and the foolish, either listening to what I have to say or ignore what I have to say, ultimately the choice remain yours.

• On hunting in Africa, booking well in advance will ensure that the Hunting Outfitter will accommodate you in giving preferential prices as a loyalty gesture for securing your hunt with him.

• Booking a longer safari taking more species per safari will ensure that the “overhead costs” comes down on the total safari.

• Planning you return safaris with your Hunting Outfitter will also benefit you the hunter for earning loyalty pricing as you will be a return client. Make this clear to your Hunting Outfitter, Rovos Rail Hunting Safari Cost so that he understands your hunting needs for the next 3-5 years.

• Be clear to your Hunting Outfitter that you wish to book your species that will be found in a single region limiting travelling time, taking time away from the hunting by travelling between concessions.

• Ask about the number of a species available to choose from in a single concession and select the species you want to hunt from the list. Not all the species listed on the Hunting Outfitter’s Website or Brochures may occur on a single concession, leaving you to spend hours to travel between concessions. You have come to spend as much time as possible hunting and not travelling.

• Book a friend on a hunt with you that way you take advantage of the two-on-one pricing option whereby on a typical 10 day safari, you and your friend could be saving 28% on daily rates which could be used for the next hunting season booking again to hunt new species.

• Allow your Hunting Outfitter to find you the best African Taxidermist doing your trophies locally in South Africa. This is important, because the African Taxidermist is doing African Game Species every single day, and has the ability to recreate your trophy to be lifelike.

• If you do find a Hunting Outfitter and Professional Hunter of choice, stick to him and ask about acting as an Agent for him, he might just partner with you, seeing you earn loyalty treatment and earning money from referring and booking clients.

Standing at a crossroad, two brothers stood alongside each other. The one always lied and the other could only speak the truth. What would your question be to the two brothers finding your way if you could only ask one question?

Instead of having to think up the question and having to deal with a decision on the answer from the two brothers, I am in all sincerity offer these tips at no charge and completely free to you to make the best use thereof.