Reading the Bible on a regular basis is a good practice that can be of great benefit to a Christian in many different ways. In this piece, we’ll focus on discussing the top three advantages.

The Word sustains and nourishes us.

When we read the Bible, we receive nourishment from the Word of God and are supplied with everything we need for our Christian life. In Matthew chapter 4, verse 4, Jesus made reference to this when He said,

“The diet of man shall not consist only of bread, but also of every word that comes from the mouth of God,” the Bible says.

There are other passages in the Bible that make it very obvious that the Word of God is food for us. For instance, verse 2 of 1 Peter says,

“As newborn infants, long for the blameless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow toward salvation,” the Bible instructs us to do.

And it is written in the book of Jeremiah chapter 15 verse 16:

“Your words were discovered, and I consumed them; and Your word became to me the delight and joy of my heart.”

When we consume actual food, the nutrients that are necessary for us to maintain life and good health are delivered to our bodies. This gives us the energy to do things like go to work, work out, and spend time with our loved ones and friends. On the other hand, skipping meals makes us feel weak, exhausted, and even cranky at times. And if we continue to skip meals, we put ourselves at jeopardy of even more serious issues, such as disease.

In a same manner, when we consume spiritual nourishment, we are fueled to carry out the Christian life that we have chosen for ourselves. But if we spend too much time apart from the Word of God, we risk becoming spiritually feeble, worn out, and irritable, as well as unable to deal effectively with challenging situations. We are more open to falling prey to temptation, having doubts, and experiencing various forms of spiritual illness as we grow older. As Christians, we face a never-ending stream of difficulties, and we simply do not have the resources necessary to overcome them all.

Therefore, it is of the utmost significance that we sustain ourselves by regularly eating on and reading from the Word of God. Reading the Bible on a regular basis allows us to get the spiritual sustenance that is waiting for us in God’s Word, which is necessary if we want to have a healthy and even joyous life as a Christian.

We are cleansed by the word of God.

What if we are unable to comprehend the material that we are reading? There’s a chance that we’ll start to question whether or not we should keep reading the Bible. Or, it’s possible that by the afternoon, we’ve completely forgotten what we read in the morning, and this causes us to feel disheartened. Should we continue to read, even though we don’t remember much of what we’ve read?

The response is unquestionably and positively yes. This is due to the fact that one of the many advantages of reading the Word of God is that it cleanses us.

It is written in Ephesians 5:26.

“So that He might consecrate her, making her spotless via the purifying work of the water in the word.”

The “her” in this passage refers to the church, which is made up of all the people who have put their faith in Christ. The phrase “the washing of the water in the word” refers to something that is distinct from the washing of our sins by the blood of the Lord. The question now is, what is this washing?

The following is what the third note of this verse in the Recovery Version has to say regarding the cleansing power of water in God’s Word:

“The washing that takes place here with the water is not the same as the washing that takes place with the blood of Christ, who redeemed the world. The redeemed blood washes away our sins (1 John 1:7; Revelation 7:14), whereas the water of life washes away the blemishes of the natural life of our old man, such as the “spot or wrinkle or any such things” mentioned in verse 27. In other words, the water of life washes away our imperfections in the natural life of our old man. In the process of setting apart and sanctifying the church, the Lord first removes our sins by washing them away with His blood (Hebrews 13:12), and then removes our natural flaws by washing them away with His life. We are currently participating in such a washing procedure, so that the church may become holy and without spot (v. 27).”

It’s possible that we realize that we need our sins to be washed away by the blood of the Lord, but we also need to realize that our natural lives need to be cleansed by His life. Both of these things are necessary for us. How are we able to obtain this washing that is life? The Word of God is like refreshing water for the soul. Therefore, even if we don’t recall what we read or don’t fully grasp it, the daily reading of the Bible nonetheless protects us from a great number of harmful things.

The Bible is our primary source of education.

Because the Word of God is the foundation of our religion and not our own thoughts or ideas, it is essential for all of us who identify as Christians to be familiar with what the Bible teaches. We will eventually read through the entirety of the Bible if we make it a habit to study the Bible and will then have a fundamental understanding of God and the things that God has created. Acquiring this fundamental knowledge is like to studying our alphabet. It is hard for us to read or write if we are unable to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet. Learning our alphabet is the first step toward being able to read and write anything, from the most basic book to a letter.

Learning what is contained in the Bible is analogous to mastering our spiritual version of the alphabet. Becoming more familiar with the words, facts, stories, and expressions contained in the Bible helps to establish the foundational knowledge that the Lord can use to reveal more of the truth contained in His Word to us. This permits us to get to know Him better and opens the door for Him to communicate with us via the Bible on an ever-increasing level.

The Bible, which is God’s gift to us, is both a powerful and magnificent thing. When we read it, not only are we enlightened on a spiritual level, but we are also cleansed and fed on the inside. Have a look at our piece on how to make reading the Bible every day a habit if you feel like you could need some assistance with reading the Bible on a more consistent basis. You are also able to request a free New Testament study Bible from us here if you are a resident of the United States.

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